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Tord yawned and sat up in bed. It was 7am, and the light was still pale and struggling to climb the darkened sky. He slid out from under the warm covers and placed his feet down on the cold carpet. He shivered slightly before immediately pulling his hoodie on over his bare torso. Running a hand through his limp spiked hair, Tord stood in front of a mirror he'd taken from Matt's room and replayed the events of the night before in his mind. He and Tom had been on their one-hundredth date, three whole years of dating. Tord had taken Tom to a restaurant in town. He grinned to himself, lying back on his bed and thinking back to the night they spent together.

"Ready, Tom?" Tord groaned, leaning back against the wall.
"Just a second!" Tom yelled from the bathroom, dropping something into the sink in the process.
"Hey, where are you going?" Matt asked as he came out of his bedroom.
"Uh, we're just... Going out to eat somewhere."
"You mean like a date?" Matt's eyes widened.
Tord all out laughed in a face.
"A date?! Like I'd date Tom!" He laughed hysterically.
"... Oh, well... Never mind then..." Matt frowned.
"We're just going out as friends, Matt, don't worry about it." Tom sighed, standing in the doorway.
"Oh, okay then..." Matt mumbled, walking downstairs.
"That was close, baby..." Tord whispered in Toms ear, pressing his lips against his cheek.
"Mmm, not here, someone might see..." He smiled, pulling Tord close and inhaling his scent.
"Then we won't do it out here..." He grinned back.
Tom smirked and grabbed Tord by the collar.
"C'mere, babe..." He grinned, dragging him into the bathroom and shoving him back against the door.
Tord moaned and crushed their lips together.
"Mmm... Love you baby..." He groaned, pulling Tom closer.
Tom smirked and pushed him away.
"Now let me get ready..."
"But it's been ages! You're like a girl, seriously..."
"Charming." Tom said, not looking impressed.
Tord smirked and kissed his neck.
Tom pushed him away again and opened the bathroom door.
"I'll see you in a few minutes, babe..." Tom grinned as he pushed him out into the hall.
Tord growled and leaned back against the wall, crossing his arms as he waited for his boyfriend to finish getting ready for their date.

After another half hour of waiting that ended with Tord angrily hissing that they'd miss their reservation through the door, they were finally in the car on their way to the restaurant in town.
"Soo..." Tom began, looking out of his window at the brightly lit neon signs.
"Yeah?" Tord sighed, staring ahead blankly as he drove.
"What'll we be doing after dinner?" Tom grinned.
"Oh, you know... Sex and stuff."
"What?!" Tom gasped.
"Gotcha." Tord winked.
"Ugh, dick..." Tom muttered under his breath, fuming.
Tord grinned, not taking his eyes off the road, and pulled up in a packed car park. As soon as he found a spot, Tord got out and opened Tom's door, helped him out and locked the car.
"Thanks..." Tom mumbled, stuffing his hands in his pockets.
"You're adorable..." Tord smirked, kissing Tom's cheek.
Tom cast an icy stare his way.
"What?" Tord chuckled, draping an arm around his waist and pulling him closer.
He replied with that same expression.
Tord chuckled again, pressing his lips to Tom's temple before walking to the door.
"Ass..." Tom glared, following him in.

Tord tugged at his hair, Tom was taking forever to choose his meal.
"Hm... Maybe... The spaghetti? No..." He mumbled, scanning the menu for the umpteenth time that day.
"Just choose, Tom! It's not hard!" Tord facepalmed, having chosen his meal over ten minutes ago.
"Okay, okay..." Tom frowned, looking the menu over one last time. "I'll have... What he's having, please!" Tom beamed at the waiter, handing him the menu.
Tord sighed, relieved, and passed his menu to the waiter as well.
"And what drinks would you like?" The waiter smiled.
"NO!" Tord despaired.
"Uhm..." Tom picked up the drinks menu and scanned it carefully as Tord repeatedly banged his forehead against the smooth mahogany wood of the table.

After dinner; Tord smiled slightly at his date, who was finishing his main.
"I have a surprise for you..." Tord beamed.
"A... A surprise?" Tom gasped, grinning, excited.
"Yup!" Tord grinned, leaning over the table and placing a soft kiss on his cheek.
"What is it?" Tom asked.
"You'll see..." He replied, getting up and leaving him sat at the table.
Tom sat there and waited.
And waited.
And waited.
And waited; until, at last, he was fed up and ready to leave.
"Son of a bitch.." He fumed. "He ditched me!"
Before long, Tord jogged back through the restaurant and sat down opposite him again.
By the glare he got from Tom, he figured he'd been missed.
"I'm sorry, baby..." Tord frowned. "But the surprise is ready now..."
Tom crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow, but didn't say anything.
"Come on..." Tord smiled. "We have dessert yet!"
Tom nodded slightly, and downed his glass of wine.
Tord just looked down at something in his pocket, looking nervous as he rolled it around in his hand.
"Tord?" Tom asked, trying to see what he was doing.
"Yeah?" He looked up, hiding the object in his pocket again.
"What're you doing...?" Tom asked, sipping another glass of wine.
"You sure? You look nervous."
"I'm fine, trust me." He smiled, kissing his boyfriend's lips softly.
Tom instantly relaxed the way he always did when Tord kissed him.
"Okay." He smiled.
"Your dessert..." A waiter called, placing a small chocolate cake at the center of the table.
"Thanks," Tom nodded, not really looking at it as he finished his third glass of wine.
"Tom..." Tord whispered, nudging him with his foot under the table. "Look... At the..."
Tom looked up at the cake.
"Yeah, very n-..." Tom's eyes widened as he looked at it. It was decorated nicely with little black and white roses, and had 'Happy Anniversary' in blue and red lettering, then 'Tom' written in black and white checkers. "Tord..." He gasped.
"Had it made especially..." He grinned. "Like it?"
"I love it!" Tom beamed, throwing his arms around Tord and hugging him tightly.
Tord smiled and wrapped his arms tightly around Tom's waist, hugging him close. "I love you..." He whispered into his boyfriend's ear.
"I love you so much!" Tom squealed, kissing him deeply on the lips.
"Heh, not here..." He smirked.
Tom sat back in his seat and smiled over at Tord, who smiled back.
"I have another surprise for you later..." He grinned.

Back in the car, Tom sat beside Tord, his head resting on his shoulder.
"Let's put the radio on." Tord smirked, flicking the on switch and tuning in to Tom's favourite station.
"Uh, 'kay." Tom shrugged, his spiky hair tickling Tord's cheek.
After a few minutes, Tord turned the radio right up for Tom to hear properly.
"Tord...? I thought you don't like this music..."
"I don't, but you do." Tord smiled slightly, listening.
And now we have an extra special request from a Mr. Tord Larsson,
"Tord?!" Tom gasped.
A special song for his boyfriend, Tom Ridgewell.
"Just wait..." Tord mumbled.
"People don't know we're together..." Tom said, looking at him.
"Just... Wait..."
The radio started to play one of Tom's favourite songs.
"Wait, Tord... My favourite... Love song?" He wasn't particularly a fan of love songs, but the one that was playing was just very good, even if it was soppy and weird.
"Yup." Tord said simply, not taking his eyes off the road.
"Oh, Tord..." Tom smiled, sliding an arm around his waist and hugging him tightly.
And now, a message from Tord to Tom... The speakers blared. Tom... Look up!
"Huh?" He looked out of the window, up at a nearby billboard.
Marry me, Tom? was written on it in the same black and white checkers and red and blue lettering.
"Tord!" Tom squealed, the happiest he'd ever been in his whole life, looking at him.
Tord smiled, holding up the same object that had been in his pocket earlier, a ring. "So will you?"
"Yes!" Tom yelled, grabbing him by the collar and pulling him into a heated kiss.
Tord kissed him back passionately, pulling him closer by the waist.
After a while, they both pulled away, breathing hard.
"So, Tom Larsson, Tord Ridgewell or...?" Tom asked, smiling.
"... Tom Larsson... I like the sound of that." He grinned, slipping the ring onto Tom's finger.
Tom beamed. "So we're ready to come out?"
"... Yeah. Yeah, I think we are." Tord smiled, kissing Tom's lips softly again.
Tom nodded, and rested his head on Tord's shoulder again.
Tord smiled and drove the rest of the way home, looking forward to his new life with his husband-to-be.

Back in the present, Tord smiled again, creeping into Tom's room like he did every morning.
"Hey..." He whispered, crawling into his bed beside him.
"Hey..." Tom smiled, yawning and stretching, resting his head on Tord's chest
Tord smiled and ran his finger through the limp spikes of Tom's hair. "Morning..."
"Mnngg..." Tom mumbled groggily.
Tord chuckled to himself and snuggled down under the warm duvet, wrapping his arms around his fiancÚ's warm body and pulling him close.
Tom uttered random words in a groggy approval, and snuggled closer to him. Tord smiled and closed his eyes. He didn't really feel like sleeping any more, he just wanted to lie with Tom for a while, there'd be plenty of time to tell Edd and Matt later, might as well make the most of the moment while he could. His smile widened when he thought back to the proposal, Tom's face... His smile... He really couldn't wait to marry him.
"Mnn... Tord..." Tom smiled, dreaming.
He kissed Tom's forehead, pulling the covers up to their chins, and closed his eyes again, holding Tom close.
"I love you..." He whispered.
And this time, he was certain.
Tom and Tord (c) :iconeddsworld:

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